25 Great Gift Ideas for Travelers

Coming up with unique gift ideas can sometimes be a struggle. So, we’ve put together this list of great gift ideas for travelers! If you know somebody who’s always on an excursion or looking to plan their next trip, this variety of gift ideas can be useful for while they’re on the go or can serve as a memento for past adventures.

Gift Ideas for Travelers:

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Power Bank - Gift Ideas for Travelers

Power Bank

A portable charger/power bank has come in handy on so many of our travels to keep phones and other devices powered up when in the airport, camping, etc. There are tons of options out there that vary in numerous aspects, including power output, number of devices supported, size, and included features, such as a flashlight.

We mainly use an Orico power bank that was a gift to us. There are other great products, like the many options offered by Anker.



A good pair of headphones goes a long way when traveling, whether you’re watching your favorite show on the plane, listening to music on the train, or trying to get some work done in a cafe.

There are many great options on the market to consider, from bluetooth ear buds and classic headphones to simple, but effective, corded ear buds. The type you pick is definitely a matter of preference!

Water Bottle

Water Bottle

It’s important to stay hydrated while traveling, but it’s a little more difficult to do so while on the go. We consider a water bottle an essential whether we’re on the plane, exploring a new city, or adventuring in the outdoors.

We prefer a stainless steel bottle because they’re durable and easy to clean. They don’t retain the taste, odor, and color of any beverage you may put in it like some plastic bottles do. Plus, insulated options are great for keeping your drink cold for long periods.

Tote Bag

Tote Bag

reusable tote isn’t just useful for your routine grocery trips – they come in handy on the road as well!

Totes are great to bring on trips because they pack down small and can be used for a range of activities while traveling, such as for souvenir shopping or to hold your towel and other goods for a trip to the beach. We use ours abroad a lot when at grocery stores because we’ve encountered many stores outside the U.S. that don’t provide bags in an effort to reduce plastic waste. Totes make a great stocking stuffer!

Personalized Luggage Tags - Gift Ideas for Travelers

Personalized Luggage Tags

Personalized luggage tags are a thoughtful yet useful gift for travelers. Sites like Etsy offer many design options, and some sellers allow you to even add your own design elements or logos, so you can really customize the tag. Pick from leather and other materials, numerous colors, shapes, fonts, attachment styles, and more to create a unique gift.

Personalized Ornament

Personalized Ornament

A personalized ornament is also a thoughtful gift for those who like a little memento from places traveled. We like to collect ornaments from every place we visit and have also been gifted cute ornaments that highlight moments from the year. Etsy, again, is a great place to search for a wide variety of customizable designs.

Power Adaptor

Power Adaptor & Converter

A power adaptor and converter is another essential for those frequently traveling abroad. Power and plug types vary widely, so this is something we bring pretty much everywhere! For many years, we have used this Bestek option that has various plug adaptors and a converter that allows us to plug in multiple devices. However, there are plenty of other great options available that vary in size, plugs included, etc.

Packing Cubes

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are incredibly useful for keeping your luggage organized when on the go. They are also useful for separating shoes and dirty laundry from the rest of your items. Additionally, people sometimes use them to store and organize device cords, hair straighteners, and other electronic items. They really do come in handy! These come in a variety of materials, colors, sizes, etc., but these packing cubes from Amazon are a great simple option!

Travel Guides

Travel Guides

The internet is such a helpful tool when trip planning, but sometimes guide books offer extra tips and a deeper look into a place than the info that can be found for free on the web. A travel guide is a useful gift for those looking to plan their next trip! Just make sure to check that it is up to date.

Lonely PlanetFrommers, and other guides provide info on social etiquette, attractions, dining and accommodation, and more. All of this information can be especially helpful when visiting places off the beaten path where info on the internet covering that place may not be as abundant. Nowadays, many of these books can also be purchased as an electronic copy if you aren’t too keen on carrying a physical book.

Experiences - Gift Ideas for Travelers


We think experiences are an awesome “thing” to gift because the experiences are what we’re chasing when we travel after all!  This is also such a great option because there are so many different activities to choose from that can cater to any traveler’s interests, from cooking classes or beverage tastings to treks and snorkeling trips, unique stays, or event/attraction tickets.

There are numerous ways you could go about gifting an experience. We find many tours and tickets for activities around the world on sites like Viator and Get Your Guide. Many cities also offer a city pass that allows visitors to hit different attractions around that city for a great deal. Additionally, you could buy tickets to an individual museum, concert, retreat, or certain attraction.

If you aren’t sure of the details surrounding the experience, a self-made “coupon” with some options and information is a great alternative. This allows the recipient of the gift to choose a time or experience that would work best for them for you to then book with their insight. 

Interactive Map

Interactive Maps

scratchpin, or sticker map is a fun way for travelers to remember their adventures. There are various maps, globes, and poster options that allow you to place a sticker or pin in the places you’ve traveled or scratch off  the countries or states you’ve visited.

We have a scratch map and love revealing the colorful countries under the foil overlay after we’ve hit a new destination! 

Map Art

Map Art

While we’re on the topic of maps – another option is to gift some art of your loved one’s favorite city. One creative option includes these glasses with city maps etched into the sides. We also love Mapiful, and Different Maps where you can customize a print by picking the city, coordinates, colors, etc.

There are many other brands and artists out there that offer customized map prints, serving boards, glasses, and more!

Packable Games

Packable Games

Games are a great way to kill time in the airport or spend quality time with those you love while traveling. Many games might be too big to bring along on a trip, but games like FarklecribbageBoggle, or a simple deck of cards are light, small, and easy to pack.

International Cuisine Cookbook

International Cuisine Cookbook

You may know a foodie who can’t stop talking about how great the food was on their recent trip. Cookbooks that share authentic recipes from their favorite places can be an awesome way for them to bring a little taste of that country into their home.

Digital Photo Frame - Gift Ideas for Travelers

Digital Photo Frame

Digital photo frames can help keep all the memories of past adventures alive. And instead of just picking one photo to fill a frame, digital options allow users to put all their favorite photos on constant rotation. There are quite a few frame options to choose from nowadays that vary in storage space, size, frame design, and more.

Tracking Device

Mini Tracking Device

AirTags and other small tracking devices have become popular in recent years among travelers looking to keep track of their luggage and other valuables while on the go.

Toiletry Bag

Toiletry Bag

A toiletry bag or dopp kit is a travel essential, keeping skin care items, makeup, hygiene products, cologne, and other similar items organized in one small bag. This is another item that can be found in many colors and patterns, different sizes, varying pocket layouts, and materials. Many different brands have options available, from Target and Herschel to Samsonite and LL Bean.

Travel-Size Containers - Gift Ideas for Travelers

Travel-Size Containers

We consider reusable travel-size containers another one of our travel essentials. It’s often cheaper to fill reusable containers with your favorite shampoos, conditioner, and other liquids than to buy the mini sizes that are generally sold at a higher price per ounce. Your favorite products may not even be available in a travel-size option. Reusing containers also reduces your plastic waste.

Travel-size containers can be found in many places, including Target and Walmart near the travel-size toiletries, Amazon, and on specific brand sites, like Kitsch and Ries.

Travel Pillow

Travel Pillow

A good travel pillow can make all the difference when you’re trying to get some rest on a long flight. There are many styles and options out there to choose from. We like an inflatable pillow so that it can easily be tucked in our bag without taking up much space when not in use.

Stain Remover - Gift Ideas for Travelers

Stain Remover

A Tide pen or sheets are a very simple, yet useful, stocking stuffer option! While exploring new cities, adventuring outdoors, eating out, and going about other activities when traveling, it’s hard to keep your clothes spotless – which can be a problem when you could only pack so many outfits and may not have access to laundry facilities. These little Tide products are convenient for cleaning up spots and small spills that may happen when on the go.



If you know somebody who likes to read on the plane or kick back, relax and read a book while on vacation, a Kindle may be a great gift! A Kindle is light, small, and easy to bring along in comparison to many books. If the person you’re thinking of already has a Kindle, another option is to buy Kindle books they have on their wish list.

Hanging Scale

Digital Hanging Scale

Having to rearrange your bag at the airport check-in counter is never fun. A digital hanging scale is a helpful gift for those who always seem to overpack or those who just want to be sure their bag fits in the weight constraints before heading to the airport.

Our little scale has come in handy many times, particularly on trips where we ended up buying a lot of souvenirs to take back! We use something similar to this option, but there are plenty of other scales available as well.

Mini First Aid Kit

Travel First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is an item you hope you never need, but is something that can come in handy when you travel. There are plenty of well-stocked miniature kits that contain the basics for caring for blisters, small cuts, stings, and other minor injuries you may incur. They can easily be replenished as needed too!

We take this kit from REI along on our adventures, but there are other kit options that may vary in size, contents, and other variables. Some other options include the Welly kits or the Keep Going Minikit

Camera Gear

Camera Gear

Camera goods and accessories can make for great gifts because the options vary widely, whether you’re looking to gift a whole camera body, a new lens, or other accessories, like a camera strap, gear bag, SD cards, or UV filters.

The main point to note when looking to gift camera gear and accessories is to make sure they’re compatible with the camera the gift recipient owns if they already have one.

Park Pass - Gift Ideas for Travelers

Park Pass

A park pass is an ideal gift for those who head out on outdoor adventures frequently. Gifting an annual National Park Pass grants the pass holder access to so many national parks, monuments, recreation areas, and other lands around the U.S. We find it so worth it if you even hit just a few national parks in a year! A pass to your loved one’s favorite state park is also a great option.

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