A’DAM Lookout – Taking in the Views Over Amsterdam

As you wander the streets of Amsterdam, you’ll see the famous canals, historic buildings, quaint cobblestone alleys, bustling plazas, pretty parks, and more. While strolling around the city is a wonderful experience in itself, we also enjoyed taking in the views from above at the A’DAM Lookout. And we did so in quite a unique way by swinging over the edge of the tower! If this sounds like something you’d like to do during your time in Amsterdam, read on for some details on visiting.

The A'DAM Tower
The A’DAM Tower

Getting to the A’DAM Lookout

The A’DAM Tower sits across the water from Amsterdam’s Central Station. Many trains, trams, and metros stop at Centraal. From just nearby the station, catch the free F3 ferry to Buiksloterweg, then make the short walk to the tower.

On the A’DAM side of the canal, the nearest metro station is Noorderpark. This is about a 20-minute walk from the tower. For more information on Amsterdam public transport routes and timetables, click here.

If driving there, there is a paid parking garage a short ways from the tower.

Views from the water as we crossed on the ferry
Views from the water as we crossed on the ferry


Tickets start at €16.50 per adult for online tickets. This includes access to the lookout, a digital memory, and audio guide.

There are various add-on options, such as the swing and virtual reality ride for +€7.50 each, and combination tickets, such as the lookout with the swing and virtual reality ride for €27.50 or the lookout and lunch in the tower for €50. For more info on family discounts and the ticket options, click here.

Note that if you buy tickets on site, the price goes up a few euros from the online prices mentioned above. Also note that certain tickets, such as options including the swing, require the booking of a time slot. You can choose a time slot when buying your tickets online. If buying in person, you may have to wait for the next available time slot.

Amsterdam City Passes

The A’DAM Lookout entrance is covered by the Amsterdam Go City passes and I amsterdam City Card. However, the swing is not, so you can purchase swing tickets upon arrival or buy just the swing ticket or other add on options online here.

There are drink add-ons and combo tickets as well
There are drink add-ons and combo tickets as well

Hours & Regulations

The A’DAM Lookout is open daily from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m. with the last admission at 9 p.m.

If you choose to do the swing, don’t bring any loose items, like bags, flip flops, hats, or electronics with you as they may fall. There are bins you can leave your things in while you swing. To ride the swing, you must be at least 120 cm (3 ft 11 in) tall.

Visitors cannot bring food or drink into the A’DAM Tower.

Atop the A'DAM Tower
Atop the A’DAM Lookout

Visiting the A’DAM Lookout

We arrived at the A’DAM Tower in the late afternoon with the intention of being up a the lookout for sunset. We presented our city pass, bought tickets and confirmed a slot for the swing, then headed up to the top of the tower in the elevator.

The rooftop area offers amazing 360° views over the surrounding central area of Amsterdam. In that outdoor space there are areas to sit, signs and spots for photo ops, and a bar. There was music playing and quite a few people out enjoying the evening views. We grabbed some wine and admired the scenery from around the deck. If you’d like to learn more about Amsterdam, there is an audio guide on the Lookout app that presents some city facts and information about notable landmarks in the surrounding area.

Evening views from the lookout
Evening views from the lookout

There is also an indoor area that offers great views through the large glass windows and some seating if it’s a bit cold or windy out. There’s a cinema inside where you can learn more about Amsterdam and the A’DAM Tower. For a unique perspective on Amsterdam, there’s the virtual reality ride where you’ll journey on a rollercoaster though the city.

After exploring the lookout area, we headed back to the swing to get in line for our turn. Over the Edge is the highest swing in Europe! Right at sunset, we found ourselves swinging out over the ledge of the tower with the city far below. The ride was only several minutes, but it was a little rush and offered a fun way to see the views. If you want your picture taken, you can give your phone to the swing operators.

Swinging over Amsterdam.
Swinging over Amsterdam. Photo Cred: AdamLookout.com

We left the A’DAM Lookout to head back into the city center for dinner. But if you’d like to dine at the tower, you can find some snacks offered at the rooftop bar, grab a burger or sandwich at the Panorama Restaurant, or have a meal at the revolving Moon restaurant. Learn more about the dining options here.

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